Developing a Profitable Store Operating Model

Today more than ever, retailers are challenged to better manage their labor force, while at the same time striving for high levels of omni-channel execution and customer engagement. At HRC, we view a retailer’s labor force as one of its strongest assets, rather than an easy source of expense savings. 

In Store Retail consulting

Our evaluation of store operating models and labor effectiveness includes a 360-degree approach that incorporates Home Office, Field Leadership, and Stores, as well as the key processes and tools that the Store Operations teams utilize. HRC’s Store Operations Consultants spend time at our clients’ stores and offices to better understand their operations and unique customer service and experience model. This ensures that our recommendations support and enhance their operating model strategy while delivering profitable results. 

HRC develops realistic, practical strategies and tactics to maintain and grow sales by increasing the Customer Conversion rate, Average Order Value, and Units Per Transaction.

In addition to HRC’s extensive service and experience model expertise, HRC also has deep operational experience with key store process and support functions

Our team has significant experience not only as Store Operations consultants, but also formerly as leaders of various store operations and field organizations. 

We don’t just “talk the talk” –“we’ve walked the walk”. 

We differentiate ourselves by:

  • Leveraging our retail experience and our deep library of proven leading practices;
  • Our “process first” approach to design and implementation;
  • Comprehensive change management to ensure adoption and success;
  • Focusing on data-driven and fact-based decision making to drive both near term and long-term value; and
  • Supporting our on-site team with our advanced analytics team for complex modeling and sensitivity analyses.