End to End Margin and Inventory Optimization Consulting

HRC Retail Advisory works closely with leading retailers to optimize sales, merchandise, gross maintained margins and inventory profitability.

Our Merchandising Consultants assess each client’s merchandising strategy to obtain a solid understanding of its unique customer value proposition. We use this context to help retailers optimize their sales, margins and inventory profitability by better and more profitably managing inventory through the End-to-End Product Life Cycle.

Our merchandising consultants start by developing or assessing the retailer’s existing merchandising vision.

Our experienced consultants will unlock value through both near-term improvement and longer term, more sustainable process and tool optimization to enable and sustain achievement of financial and operational improvement objectives.  

Many retailers invest enormous amounts on Merchandising systems only to be disappointed with the results, often a lot lower than what software vendors and systems integrators had promised. HRC Retail Advisory understands why these implementations can be discouraging. We have helped dozens of retail chains remediate their Merchandising systems to realize the highest possible Return on Investment (ROI).

HRC’s merchandising consultants provide the following Retail Merchandising services:

  • Merchandise Strategy
  • Buying and Merchandising Operations Organization Structure
  • Product Life-Cycle Management
  • Clustering &Localization Optimization
  • Assortment Planning & Optimization
  • SKU Rationalization
  • Demand Forecasting, Allocation & Inventory Replenishment
  • Pricing, Promotion and Markdown Optimization
  • Merchandise Technology Exploitation & Remediation