About HRC Advisory – Retail Consulting Firm

HRC Retail Advisory is a leading Retail Strategic Advisory firm that is focused on assisting retailers to more profitably compete in the increasingly complex and competitive digital retail environment. HRC works with retailers to redesign their Organization and Internal Processes and Tools, enable them to most profitably succeed in this time of retail transformation.

Our mission is singular: to help retailers stay ahead and profitable in a rapidly changing retail environment

The retail landscape has never been more complex. The proliferation of global, online and off-price competitors is creating challenges for long-standing retail business models. Consumers, exposed to countless options, are increasingly knowledgeable and have higher expectations than ever before.

Retailers are now faced with critical decisions on how to reprioritize capital and operating expenditures in order to build a stronger omni-channel platform and create customer experiences that will enable them not only to thrive, but to survive. 


HRC helps retailers realize optimal shareholder value and secure their future profitable growth.

HRC Retail Advisory was formed in January 2013, combining leaders from Karabus Management and the former Senn-Delaney Retail Consulting firm. HRC brings together leading retail strategy consultants, CEO Antony Karabus and President Farla Efros, and a carefully selected team made up of retail’s brightest minds, with a mandate to build and grow North America’s premier retail consulting firm.


The HRC Difference

100% Focus on Retail. Unlike other retail consulting firms, HRC Retail Advisory doesn’t divide our attention among other industries. With our resources and attention completely committed to providing unsurpassed retail advisory expertise, HRC is the best choice for retailers looking to adapt to the industry’s unique challenges and opportunities.


Experienced Retail Professionals. Led by two of retail’s most results-driven strategists and a senior team – many of whom previously held executive positions in retail and consult exclusively to retail chains – HRC’s understanding of the industry, its key-value drivers, trends, and rapidly evolving omni-channel environment, is second to none. We refuse to adopt the traditional consulting model, one that sees clients largely serviced by junior consultants. Instead, HRC staffs client projects with small, bespoke teams of highly experienced, passionate professionals who have the depth of hands-on retail experience that will solve each retail client’s unique business improvement objectives.


Results-Driven. We’ve established a reputation for delivering transformative, measurable results, based on clear, actionable recommendations tailored to each retailer’s unique business. Our clients find our entrepreneurial approach, penchant for “telling it like it is”, and capacity for working seamlessly and collaboratively within their unique culture, refreshing and unique. Our retail consultants work efficiently and proactively to create maximum value by addressing each retailer’s core and its complex operational and financial challenges, rather than inundate them with large PowerPoint decks that often fail to translate into change.


Speed to Benefits. We are intensely focused on delivering sustainable results as quickly as possible. Our experience working with numerous retailers and cultures gives us an unparalleled ability to effectively partner with each client’s team to successfully implement the required changes and deliver the desired financial and operational improvements.


Understanding the New Consumer.  One of HRC’s critical differentiators is our unique understanding of the evolving drivers and behaviors of an increasingly savvy consumer with more expectations and choices than ever before. 


Adapting the Retail Economic Model. The retail economic model has changed more in the past five years than it has over the prior fifty years. HRC’s intimate understanding of its evolving and complex triggers, areas of potential value creation, and new emerging value drivers are key to helping retail clients sharpen all aspects of their operations. HRC helps clients evaluate and fine-tune their Economic Operating Model for improved profitability and working capital, while building for long term success.

HRC Values

At HRC Retail Advisory, our most important core values are Accountability, Versatility, Innovation and Drive. We hold our team to the highest standards of excellence and we expect each new member of our team to display a commitment to these values. 

By staying true to these principles, we can deliver the best possible results on behalf of our clients. After all, we believe a consulting firm is only as good as its people. We pride ourselves on the personal reputations we have built with our longstanding clients over the past 25 years that has allowed HRC to continue to win repeat business.