Rapid Retailer Profit Improvement Diagnostic

HRC’s Rapid Profit Improvement Diagnostic is a Rapid assessment of all key functions to identify and prioritize Value-Creation opportunities.

HRC will identify and prioritize both strategic cost reductions and margin/sales improvements that will support and enhance shareholder value and P&L. Our proprietary and granular-level retail benchmarking knowledge and experience will be of significant value to improve our clients’ performance.

The output from HRC’s Rapid EBITDA Assessment is a set of high-value, practical findings for enhanced earnings and working capital

Following the HRC Rapid EBITDA Assessment, we will partner closely with our clients to effectively implement the performance improvements and ensure they are operationalized

HRC Advisory’s clients have always achieved a significant ROI and earnings multiple on their one-time investment in our fees within the first full year following the implementation of approved recommendations.