Smartphones Transforming Consumer Experience

HRC study reveals Millennials and Gen Zers don’t want your help while shopping.

October 22, 2018

Rather than enlist the help of a sales associate, a new survey by HRC Retail Advisory reveals 83 percent of consumers prefer autonomy while shopping — using smartphones for shopping in-store up until the point of purchase where human interaction is welcomed.


Based on a targeted sample of 800 shoppers across two crucial consumer segments, including Millennials and Gen Z, the survey adds clarity to understanding how each of these types of consumers navigates the in-store experience.


Unsurprisingly, the consumer has the power in dictating their shopping behavior, as retailers bend to their preferences for experiential retail and increased omnichannel experiences.


Executing tasks such as cost comparison deal hunting and social sharing are a few of the ways shoppers use their smartphones to assume authority over their shopping journey.


As shown in the survey, 59 percent of shoppers are utilizing smartphones to compare costs or “search for deals or coupons,” while 51 percent used smartphones during shopping to share photos with friends or family…


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