Sales And Coupons Still Attract Consumers

November 30, 2016

Sales And Coupons Still Attract ConsumersSales and coupons are more influential than any other tactic in motivating consumers to enter stores this holiday season, says a survey by HRC Retail Advisory (HRC). The survey also finds that gift cards remain an extremely popular item. Eighty-nine per cent of respondents say deep discounts (including coupons) are the key determinant of what stores they will visit for holiday shopping this year. Consumers are also likely to enter a store based on store window displays (87 per cent). Additionally, 79 per cent of consumers surveyed say they would be influenced on what stores to visit based on a retailer’s website. An overwhelming percentage of study respondents will include gift cards in their holiday shopping this year, with 83 per cent of Millennial parents planning to include gift cards in their holiday purchases. Thirty-two per cent of respondents who intend to buy gift cards indicate that gift cards will comprise at least half of their holiday budget. Also, 62 per cent of respondents with a preference prefer to receive a gift card rather than an actual gift. And this was consistent across all generations studied, which indicates that people would like to select their own gifts, rather than receiving a gift that may be wrong for them.


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