Retailers Step Up Human Interaction

But 95% Of Consumers Usually Don’t Want Help

May 17, 2018

With growing e-Commerce penetration, omnichannel retailers are looking to differentiate the physical retail shopping experience by leveraging their staffs and enhancing their customer interactions. However, a new HRC Retail Advisory consumer survey indicates that shoppers aren’t generally looking for more human help.


The appeal of personal assistance in a store no longer resonates with the vast majority — 95% — of shoppers, based on the 3,000 U.S. and Canadian consumers surveyed. Respondents reported that they would prefer to be left alone while shopping unless they need assistance from an associate.


The survey also revealed a disconnect between what retailers and consumers think about in-store events. While retailers with physical stores are hosting more in-store events to attract and engage customers and build a community of fans for the retail brand, only a minority of consumers (19%) who participated in the HRC study expressed interest.


On the bright side, the idea of community-building events appealed to almost one-quarter (24%) of respondents in the 10-to-17 year old age group (known as Gen Z). This suggests that live events could grow in importance in the future and that in-store happenings could attract more young customers today.


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