Retail Salespeople Are Losing Their Jobs Twice as Fast as Stores Are Closing

May 8, 2018

Chances are you’re not the only one noticing a change in the way retailers do business.

From longer checkout lines to lagging sales, the industry is undergoing an exodus of salespeople, who are being cut from stores up to twice as fast as retailers are shuttering their doors.


This decline can be attributed to technological advancements, such as the growing number of big-box stores implementing self-checkout lanes (think Target and Walmart), as well as a shift toward small-format stores — a strategy used by department store chains like Kohl’s and Nordstrom, for example.


Separately, a recent survey by retail consulting firm HRC Retail Advisory reported that 95 percent of consumers prefer to be left alone while shopping unless they require the help of a sales associate. Instead of the hands-on and personalized service traditionally associated with salespeople, the survey added that a majority of shoppers now look to in-store technology for customer service and rely on the opinions of their family and friends to aid in their decision-making.


Click here to download the HRC Retail Advisory survey.

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