New Survey Finds 95 Percent of Shoppers Want to Be Left Alone in Stores

Consumers Are Looking to In-Store Technology for Customer Service

March 20, 2018

Ninety-five percent of consumers want to be left alone while shopping unless they need a store associate’s help, according to a new consumer survey by HRC Retail Advisory, a leading strategic retail advisory firm. According to the survey, many shoppers are moving away from the hands-on, personalized service from store associates, and instead turning to their friends and family via social media to share pictures and gather opinions before they buy, particularly in apparel.


To better understand what drives shoppers into stores, and what they like to see when they get there, HRC recently polled 2,900 North American consumers about their shopping habits and preferences, revealing that a majority of shoppers are looking to in-store technology for customer service.


In fact, approximately 85% of consumers surveyed want to be able to check prices at price scanners throughout a store rather than having to ask a sales associate for pricing information. Further, 69% of shoppers said that being able to order a technology product online and then pick it up in store is important (likely where they can see it and test it before buying), with a similar 65% saying it is important for apparel.



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