HRC Retail Advisory Survey Reveals Challenges of Online Execution

December 11, 2018

The study showed the friction points retailers face in offering an omnichannel experience to consumers.


In a survey of top retail executives by HRC Retail Advisory, the “rush to deliver omnichannel offerings” has created “operational challenges” that are souring the shopping experience for consumers.


All of the respondents in the survey, which polled 30 C-level executives of leading North American retailers with a median sales volume of $2.6 billion, noted that they are having operational challenges as a result of implementing and delivering an omnichannel approach.


Antony Karabus, chief executive officer of HRC Retail Advisory, said brick-and-mortar retailers “have overextended themselves as they’ve tried to leverage their physical store fleets.”


“E-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment and related returns have led to sharply rising freight costs and product margin challenges,” Karabus explained. “Meanwhile, consumers expect ever-faster delivery, pressuring retailers to meet those expectations in order to remain competitive. Very few retailers have formal scorecards to measure the performance and profitability of their omnichannel efforts, which often means they can’t effectively and efficiently take the corrective action needed to improve customer service and profitability.”


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