End-to-End Supply Chain Transformation

Retail Supply Chains are under increasing pressure to improve performance as they are key enablers of the accelerating digital-driven retail transformation. An effective supply chain is a competitive advantage for retailers to profitably compete.

Retailers have a competitive advantage over e-commerce competitors as they can leverage the power of their store fleets as key fulfillment centers to best service customers in the quickest, most profitable way.

HRC Advisory helps retail clients to achieve sales growth, improve customer service, achieve cost efficiencies and reduce inventory invested throughout the supply chain.

Our Supply Chain Transformation Initiatives begin with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of performance and customer needs to best compete against competitors, including:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic of End-to-End Improvement of Supply Chain Network Performance
  • Optimizing Omni-Channel Inventory Performance to minimize stranded inventory and out-of-stock performance in all stages of the supply chain
  • Improving Efficiency of Distribution Center and Transportation Operations

HRC Advisory has been helping retailers to Optimize the Performance of their Supply Chain for more 20 years. Our Supply Chain practice is well supported by our retail industry-leading Merchandise Planning & Allocations/Inventory Optimization and Store Operations experience, which positions us well to help retailers to create the most effective supply chain focused on their customer needs.