E-Commerce and Omni-Channel Strategy Consulting

With the acceleration of digital retail, omni-channel is more crucial than ever before. Omni-Channel services can include BOPIS (“buy online, pick up in store”), SFS (“ship from store”) or ISF (“in-store fulfillment”). BOPIS is a key strategic weapon for retailers to more effectively leverage their physical stores over e-commerce-only retailers and seamlessly integrate offline and online channels.

However, most retailers experience challenges in effectively operationalizing Omni-Channel, while remaining profitable and delivering high levels of customer service.

How a retailer approaches and executes Omni-Channel can mean the difference between success and costly financial and customer service headaches. Retailers should only focus on and invest in the capabilities and processes that are most valued by its customers.

HRC conducts cross-functional diagnostics of each client’s e-commerce and omni-channel capabilities ensure they are profitable and meet customer service expectations.

HRC Retail Advisory addresses and develops solutions for the following key issues:

  • Determining the Omni-Channel capabilities that are most important to your customers
  • Re-defining the role of the store and the store associate
  • Planning and Managing Demand and Inventory across all channels
  • Integrating inventory and best matching it to local customer demand across all channels
  • Developing the right success metrics and an Omni-Channel scorecard